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Scottsdale Top Docs is your go-to place to find the best healthcare and wellness providers in Arizona. From globally-recognized surgeons, to golf swing experts, and trauma therapists, you can find the best resource here for your health needs.

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Our Mission – Scottsdale Top Docs is an altruistic community of Healthcare Professionals and Wellness Providers in Arizona, who are experts in their area. They are the elite in trusted resources for local residents who seek the best in longevity and excellence of care. Scottsdale Top Docs began with 6 independent Doctors meeting in person to discuss the changes in their industries and specialty spaces. As the group grew, providers most commonly reported that they were feeling handcuffed by the cost-beaten insurance-based model of healthcare; that it was limiting their treatment effectiveness via the restricted lens of “reimbursement”. The group unanimously agreed to implement strategies to elevate the care they provided in every way, to learn more about their counterparts to best help their patients and clients, and to elevate their professions and differentiate care based on what should be provided, instead of what could be reimbursed. The group continues to grow with in-person Masterminds finding more consistency that the public may be losing trust in the healthcare community. The answer for this was to collaborate and elevate interdisciplinary care and provide only the best. The group has grown to include over 140 providers who continue to elevate healthcare and provide exceptional wellness to Arizona residents.

Our Award Selection Process

Our Award of 2023 Scottsdale Top Doc is verified with merit-based, peer-reviewed evaluation by the physicians and providers on our Advisory Board. Nominees are chosen by the healthcare community itself. This elevates the award validation and ensures appropriate scrutiny, using current and peer-based professional standards.

Our partnership with Scottsdale Living...

Welcome to a partnership that opens doors to unprecedented opportunities for healthcare professionals in the Scottsdale area!

Scottsdale Top Docs is excited to announce its collaboration with Scottsdale Living, a prominent brand with a thriving community of over 550,000 dedicated members. This collaboration promises a multitude of benefits for our esteemed members, as it offers a unique platform to showcase their medical practices like never before. With Scottsdale Living’s extensive reach and engaged audience, our members have the unparalleled opportunity to place their practices squarely in the spotlight, connecting with the local community in ways that no other brand can provide. In this introduction, we will delve into the advantages and opportunities that await Scottsdale Top Docs members through this exciting partnership with Scottsdale Living. Get ready to elevate your practice’s visibility and make a lasting impact on your Arizona community!


Scottsdale Top Docs is an altruistic and extensive community of healthcare professionals and wellness providers in Arizona who are experts and leaders in their field. Our network of providers are elite and trusted resources for local residents who seek the best in longevity and excellence of care.

Quarterly Meetings are held in two subcategories. There is a Doctorate-Level Group (MD, DO, DC, DPT, DNP) and an Alternative Wellness Group (NMD, PT, etc) within Scottsdale Top Docs. The topic of each quarterly meeting changes to provide members opportunities to learn, share, and help to elevate and promote their own skillset or their entire profession, or to increase professional visibility within the local healthcare community. Each quarterly meeting typically includes 15 minutes of open-networking, as well as an opportunity to briefly introduce each member’s business or skillset to the providers in attendance. Appetizers and drinks are provided.

Membership Benefits include Free Attendance to all Quarterly Meetings. Group Mastermind Meetings will also be held each year with a variety of beneficial discussions.

To qualify to nominate a provider for the top docs award or alternative wellness provider award, two meetings per year must be attended.

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